Risk Assessment

In the regulatory world that reaches data protection of health and private personal information, risk assessments follow a set path to determine the client's areas of exposure to both internal and external threats.  The HIPAA Final Rule provides guidance on compliance in this area, yet many still struggle with how to implement a practical approach.

Medical Reception Desk

Our current high-tech world dictates that everyone should be concerned with protecting the privacy of all individuals' sensitive information of both health and personal nature. HIPAA Privacy standards require such protection of personal health information.

Security Management Highway Sign

HIPAA Security is managed through the implementation of technological, physical, and administrative safeguards to ensure full compliance with the HIPAA Final Rule. In addition, there are organizational requirements defined in the HIPAA Final Rule which need to be addressed.

Medical Technology Virtual Machine

Information Technology involves all aspects of creating, moving, and storing data and the tools required to perform such tasks. Implemented and managed correctly, it is the defining structure of whether a business performs with optimum efficiency and can mean the literal success or failure of your business.

Individual Employee Training

Required annual HIPAA training just scratches the surface of what we can provide and is only one training requirement under the HIPAA Final Rule.

Healthcare workers

Quality in healthcare administration means better outcomes, greater efficiencies, and lower expense. Quality measures are an integral requirement of compliance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA).